TRUFF Mayo (1 Jar)


A Gourmet Mayo to Elevate Every Meal. With the same premium truffle of our hot sauce and pasta sauce, this mayonnaise is a delicious new flavour experience beyond ordinary dressing.

We sourced only the finest ingredients. That’s why our mayos are made with eggs, 100% sunflower oil, and plenty of black winter truffles. TRUFF Mayo is 100% gluten-free.

Signature Black Truffle Goodness. We’re hoping to change the way you think about mayo. Each bundle comes with two jars of the original (non-spicy) flavour. This flavour-packed mayo is begging to be added to everything.

If you’re ready to take your everyday dishes to the next level, TRUFF Mayo will be your new secret weapon in the kitchen. You will want to spread our Truffle Mayo on everything – burgers, chicken sandwiches, and fries (and more!)